Monday, March 3, 2008

Tornado Saturdays, Whirlwind Sundays

The weekend is a whirlwind for the Daniels' family here in Fort Worth. Saturdays begin with work at Starbucks for mom (which is a task I thoroughly enjoy), and alone time for dad and baby (which he is beginning to enjoy and grow confident in). Usually I'm set to rush the short stint home to spend some emphatic time with my Medela and kiss my sweet husband hello. We undoubtedly have a date or a major list of errands to run and then the day disburses like pollen on the wind. Sundays are even more erratic than the prior, with breakfast, coffee and church filling up the day til 1pm. Then it's some much needed down time with our soulmate friends, the Roberts, with whom Corey, Asher and I are boundlessly in love. Then parenting class from 4-6, home by 7 (sometimes!), dinner, couch time, baths and showers for all, clean-up for the upcoming week and on a lucky day, bed by 1130. Busy busy life, but I love every minute of it, refusing not to savor the delicacies of love and friendship and learning; taking in daily the afternoon sky in it's faded work shirt blue. Asher grows daily more and more into a real boy with over the top energy and a knack for exclamatory speech when everyone else is required to be silent. I've found him now, on multiple occasions, letting me know he's ready to get up from slumber by flopping over onto his back and screaming a full throttle wail of discontent at his self-inflicted state. Yet as soon as I enter the room, the bellow turns to joy, and a smile, and all is suddenly very, very right with the world.

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