Thursday, March 6, 2008

emotional tides

So my little man really is sick, and it's an ache in my heart. The doctor today diagnosed his raspy condition as a mild form of RSV, a virus common among infants born in the winter months. We came home after the visit and Asher just wanted to sleep and snuggle. We rested together with him on my chest moaning quietly in his discomfort, emotion building up like a tidal wave in my heart, ready to pummel away any remaining steadiness. My child being sick is like a broken part of me. I know this illness is common, due to run its course, that many women have experienced far worse conditions with their children, but it doesn't make it any less dramatic for me. I want to create a magic pipe to funnel out all the sickness from his chest, wave a wand of healing to suppress the wretched cough terrorizing his tiny esophagus. Alas, it's all futile. The best medicine I have for him and myself is prayer, petitions to the one who can heal all, even my troubled, worried maternity.

2 things you had to say:

Kendi said...

O, so sorry to hear! I'll pray for his quick recovery.

Christina Pond said...

Oh dear, I am praying for sweet Asher! I got your text earlier! I am so sorry, poor darling baby, I feel for him! Just know the same God who molded his beauty together is also the same God who will bring healing and strength to his precious body! I pray his whole body comes in alignment with the Word and complete healing enters his lungs, his chest and his body!!! We pray in the name of Jesus, above all names that he would hold sweet Asher and touch his little body, and give you, Momma, extra grace and peace!!!