Monday, March 24, 2008


I want to remember this. This sweet and beautiful time in life as Asher's mother, Corey's wife, all the new and wonderful moments I experience every single day. I want to remember what it feels like to be laying in bed with Asher gently breathing in the crook of my arm, his warm and grace filled father peaceful there next to us. How I just can't kiss the soft place on Asher's neck, just below his ear, nearly enough. It's these little bits of heaven that I covet every day. Things like what I saw even now, sitting here typing, looking over at Asher in his bouncy seat. How upon catching my eye he let out a coo and smile. That sweet, genuine, beautiful smile. I am just so certain, I could never do anything in life to deserve such greatness, it is a good gift, the very manifestation of the Eucharist of the Lord laid out just for me, just because it's what he knows my heart craves. The desire of the very depth of me.

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Autumn said...

What a sweet blessing our babies are to us! How could we have known that we could love them so much and treasure this time as we do!