Sunday, July 27, 2008

it's been awhile

Sorry we've been gone so long. I was busy teaching Asher how to drive...

Ok so seriously, I haven't abandoned my blogging past time. I'm back, ready to release a fury of fateful tales of the ins and outs of Asherland.

This past week we spent a lovely time amidst the corn and soy fields of Southern Illinois.
Havana, IL.
Never heard of it? Not to worry, here is all you need to know about one of the corn state's most precious gems....

While in Havana, Corey, Asher and I, along with Corey's parents spent loads of time relaxing (sleeping) and supporting the local economy (read: buying ice cream in bulk), while learning a bit about the history of Small Town, USA (listening to stories about people I've never met). Asher took to his great grandmother pretty immediately, they became good buddies by the time the week was over...

I have many more photos and gobs of stories to tell, but it's 10PM and this old lady needs to hit the hay. Mr. Asher is an early morning person and mom has to get her rest to keep up. Visit again soon, I promise there will be much more to come...

Monday, July 7, 2008


Things I have fished out of Asher's mouth so far:

  • fake daisy leaf
  • door jamb
  • piece of plastic spoon (Frank ate the rest)
  • small square of paper
  • outer layer of onion
  • tape
Though I must tell you that Will tops them all. The other day he managed to use his sharp little baby buds to gnaw through the head of our beloved Kanga figurine (didn't know it was pliable enough to be chewed!). I discovered this only after seeing him with a tightly clenched fist, vigorously chomping on something . I had to pin him down with my legs and suffer several baby bud bites before recovering the decapitated friend of Pooh. Quite the heart pounder I assure you!

Mr. Personality

Seriously, could he be any sillier?
Asher loves the grocery store in a fierce way. When we go he sits up proudly in his little hippie seat cover and looks for people to smile at. As soon as some one approaches he puts on his biggest cheese and waits for them to notice. It's great, but causes our grocery store outings to last twice as long. He makes every little old lady melt, and, to be truthful, all the old gentlemen as well. We have been blessed with such a joyful little man!

Hot Texas Summer

Will and Asher have a ball together in our little blue baby pool. Despite the fact that I had put numerous toys in their grasp, the best play things available (meaning, the ones they fought over the most) were a tupperware lid and empty water bottles. Go figure.

The "twins."
All the neighbors seem to think so anyway. As if they don't seem to notice that one of them just so happens to get dropped off at 730 three mornings a week and is suspiciously absent the other two.

Asher-cheesin' as usual.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

health nut

My son is wonderful and entertaining. Let me give you an example of a typical day in the Daniels' household. Asher and I usually start off the day with a "green smoothie." Just fruit, almond milk, flax and a handful of spinach. He really loves these, I mix in some Earth's Best Oatmeal and he gobbles down breakfast with great eagerness. Apparently one day I did not fill his belly to his liking because as I was busy rinsing dishes, I heard a thud (and no crying!) only to discover my sleuthing son and tag a long pup getting their fill...

Green smoothie mayhem. A typical day.

Friday, July 4, 2008

lots to share

So, it's been a while my blog community. I'm sure you've missed us ;)

Well, where to begin is tricky. Let's start by saying that Corey takes his USMLE (the Board Exam) on Saturday, and his COMLEX (the DO component) on the 7th and then we are scott free until the 4th of August! A whole month of Corey time, I'm so excited!!! We plan to fly to Illinois from the 17th-24th to visit family and attend a family reunion (I've never been to one). So far, those are our only plans and that is music to my busy little ears (we all know they really aren't little). Hopefully we will be able to make lots of fun family memories, taking little Ash to the zoo and such. We may even get a night to ourselves, who knows! What I do know, is that it will be marvelous.

Now, remember the posts about my sweet friend Krystal whom I found and spoke with on the phone? Just a few hours after that post, Corey and I decided to pack up and visit her in Austin. She was celebrating a very special accomplishment at the end of a tumultuous and victorious year, it was such a special blessing to be able to celebrate with her. To see her was surreal, mostly because it was so natural. There were no hidden agendas or unforgiven hurts, just gratitude to have found one another again and a natural ease that is the consequence of still knowing one another so truly despite all the years and times that have passed. You can be sure I'm never letting her out of my life again (not in a creepy way though, like "Single White Female" or something). I haven't received any of the pictures she took of all of us together yet, but as soon as I do I will post them here for you to see the joy of the momentous reunion!

That same weekend also scattered my list of Christian ideals in a sense. I met some people who were so unshaken in their faith because they had been to the very pit of despair in their lives only to be brought back to hope by the one they call Savior. These weren't your typical believers and I love that. I don't want to be a typical believer. They were raw and real and outside of their pride. They confessed struggles and sins so vulnerably, professing the beauty and majesty of God in their lives-but through rather vulgar speech. It took me aback. Now I'm left wondering, when God asks us to obey to receive the Kingdom, where do these people stand. They love Him, trust Him, give thanks and praise for all blessings to Him, yet don't lift the "upright" moral life. I'm not one to believe God expects us to be pious, in fact I think He abhors that kind of thought, but does He expect us to control our tongue? How far does this example we are asked to set go? Scripture tells me that I am to:

"...say 'no' to ungodliness and worldly passions and to [a] live self-controlled, upright and godly [life] in this present age"

so...where do these folks fit in? Their faith inspired mine, and I, in no way, write this to say that I am trying to judge their eternity. I just want to understand the mind of God a little better. Any input?