Tuesday, April 22, 2008

women infants and children

Well, after 6 months of failed attempts, today I finally got Asher and I approved for WIC. It's not particularly easy admitting that we need the help, but I know that's what is best for my family. In fact, I speak publicly about it here because it's good for my pride and my ego to just be real with the friends and family I hold so dear whom I know read this often (though they rarely comment ;). First we had too much money in the bank for Medicaid, then I got denied CHIPS because they said we didn't have enough money for it and that we would instead receive Medicaid. What a mess. We also have been denied food stamps twice, despite the fact that I make very little as a nanny in the grand scheme of things and that Corey, while we get large deposits from his school, is in reality bringing us increasingly larger negative "income." Why do I have to fight with the government about whether or not a school loan counts as wealth? Why am I so quick to get denied help for one short year when we plan to contribute to society in excess when Corey actually starts getting a pay check? It's all been very frustrating, but I know that God has a plan to prosper us if only my sinful heart can remain steadfast and patient. He is our Provider and he alone will see us through as he always has, abundantly so.

muggy Tuesday

Asher and I spent a few hours with some of his lady friends at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth this afternoon. The rose garden was in full bloom, the ladies were looking lovely and the beauty and peace of the surroundings transcended all. Here are a few pics that our friend Christina took of our lazy little snoozers and eaters. Obviously my hair is in dire need of a little coloring. I've got roots like and oak, sheesh.

Friday, April 18, 2008


We shaved him. He's really quite stunning if I do say so myself. Pictures to come...

Monday, April 14, 2008


Okay, so here's a blog worthy story...

A few days ago I was sitting tranquilly in Asher's room, just enjoying the peace of him in my arms in the rocking chair. Then a buzz. Again. "Where is that coming from?" Buzz. Buzzzzzz. Then out of the abyss of curtains and mini-blinds comes a WASP! Flying right at us!!! The primal instinct to protect my young came out by my wildly beating my left arm in the air to keep the flying vermin at safe distance all the while inching backward out of the room. I slammed the door and placed Asher (still sleeping by the way) gingerly down in the pack'n'play in our room and headed back to defeat the evil invader. Slowly creeking the door open, I spotted it on the light fixture. I dashed into the kitchen to get our multi-colored straw good luck broom (sorry Dad!) and took to beating the living day lights out the thing until it fell. Unfortunately it fell behind the changing table. I proceeded to try scooping it up with the broom, but like Christ it rose again!!! The resurrection of the living wasp! So another frantic swatting and batting session sent it sailing into the carpet where, with the help of Dr. Seuss, I duly smashed it into oblivion.
The end.
And no, for those of you having a panic attack wondering if we have a wasp nest outside, we do not. I checked. Twice. Its appearance in our home was a direct attack from Lucifer himself.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Another Jumping Moment by Asher Daniels.
(Pay no attention to the nasal obstruction behind the camera)

That Will is a funny guy...

Busy Bee

Ok, ok, so I know it's been awhile. I'm watching 2 other boys right now, so I have my hands full. A typical day starts at 630A when Asher and I wake, I feed him and change his diaper and try to get in some cuddling. 730A drop offs begin. Will is 5 1/2 months old, Liam is 7 months. Some days I have Liam for just half the day, some days it's all day. Most days I'm able to retain my sanity by keeping them all on a similar schedule, so while they are up at the same time (and my hair duely falls out in tufts) they usually give me a break by napping at the same time too. When I'm really stressed I just leave the nanny biz up to Franklin...

Just joshin' ya. Yesterday was a remarkable test of Franklin's baby endurance however, I was proud of my pup. Liam is absolutely smitten for the fuzzy beast and Frank seems to return the sentiment. Frank was snuggling up next to Liam's leg yesterday, and I happened looked over just in time to see tiny fingers in a blonde fuzzy coat and YANK, next thing I know Liam has two fistfuls of mutt dog. I was honestly waiting for the bite and an ER trip, but instead Frank just got up and with a little lick to Liam's nose, got out of range. He's going to be Asher's best buddy, I just know it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Speedy Days

My FAV Boys

Well, Asher turns 5 months on April 6th, just a few days away. I can scarcely believe it's already been 5 months since he was squirming around in my tummy, what a crazy ride. This is a really fun time, he's smiling and laughing and just hamming it up all the time. He's found his toes and is learning how to hold onto them while rolling around all over the place. It's so amazing to watch him discover himself little by little everyday, it makes me excited for the years to come, I just hope that Corey and I can teach him to discover great things within him, that we can nurture him and love him in such a way as to create a confident, grace-filled, loving, patient person. We pray often to be the mom and dad that will bring out the best in him everyday. We will fall short. I hate knowing that, but it's the unfortunate truth of the accident of the human will. We can not be all that we hope for him, yet still we will fight to do the very best we can and trust God to do the rest. I have some great videos to post soon, if we can figure out how to do so with our new camcorder. It takes much better video than our camera, but I am not proficient yet with the downloading. Keep coming back, they'll be here soon!