Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Speedy Days

My FAV Boys

Well, Asher turns 5 months on April 6th, just a few days away. I can scarcely believe it's already been 5 months since he was squirming around in my tummy, what a crazy ride. This is a really fun time, he's smiling and laughing and just hamming it up all the time. He's found his toes and is learning how to hold onto them while rolling around all over the place. It's so amazing to watch him discover himself little by little everyday, it makes me excited for the years to come, I just hope that Corey and I can teach him to discover great things within him, that we can nurture him and love him in such a way as to create a confident, grace-filled, loving, patient person. We pray often to be the mom and dad that will bring out the best in him everyday. We will fall short. I hate knowing that, but it's the unfortunate truth of the accident of the human will. We can not be all that we hope for him, yet still we will fight to do the very best we can and trust God to do the rest. I have some great videos to post soon, if we can figure out how to do so with our new camcorder. It takes much better video than our camera, but I am not proficient yet with the downloading. Keep coming back, they'll be here soon!

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Christina Pond said...

Look at him! He looks so big! He is tall!!! Isn't it amazing how much these babies have grown?? Ugh time is passing by too quickly!!! He is just sooo handsome! I think boys get bigger than girls, like in infancy, because Jill's little man is big too! Those boy muscles start growing young!