Thursday, March 27, 2008


I've been thinking about this a lot lately. About writing a story. People have told me for a long time that my gift is in writing, I have yet to fully believe the truth in it as I read so very many exceptional pieces by people with far more extended vocabulary than I. But aside from actually typing out the next best seller, I want to write a great story by the life that I live. I want it to be a page turner, I want my grandchildren to brag to their friends at school about the infinitesimal adventures of their grandparents. Truth be told though, I am too scared to live a life like that, too scared of the risks involved to write something great with my life. I heard recently that in a great story, the protagonist has ambition, and the goal of that ambition, if it is really good, involves risk. The best involve risking your life. I want this so badly, I don't want to leave this earth and have people say I lived a "good" (translate: boring) life, that I raised "good" (translate:lacking creativity) children. I want to be a pioneer of something, to introduce newness to people, or stand up for the underdog in a way that changes them and me and my family forever. The issue here is, I'm not sure what I'm passionate enough about to live out in this way. I'm not giving up on it, I'm going to pray and search and seek out what my something in life is...and I'm going to live it. I'm going to write the next great novel with the steps I take everyday.

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Kendi said...

I've always thought you had a "way with words". You say things so perfectly and they flow in a way I can never write. Go for the book, too!

Christina Pond said...

You write beautifully... I pray God opens up that path for you, and gives you direction for sure! It is hard to figure out how and in what form to let that passion spill out into a living work of art!