Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a hoarse is a hoarse of course, of course

My poor little peanut is "sick." Here he is bundled to the max to ensure he doesn't have to endure any nap time drafties. I parenthesize the ailment because he hasn't changed his every day felicitous demeanor one bit, he has no fever, no accompanying symptoms, he just coughs. And coughs. AND COUGHS. He sounds like a 65 year old chain smoker. All else remains, though muffled. He still smiles and flails like crazy when anyone makes eye contact, babbles his sweet coos of recognition when Corey or I give him one on ones and is still crazy legs in his Johnny Jump Up. His little cough and breathy voice are just the saddest things I've had to endure with him yet, but he doesn't let this little crook in the road slow him down. In fact, he gives me deeper understanding into why Christ asks us to become as little children. How many of us, if stricken with a loss of voice, would constantly pine for the sympathy of others, pathetically displaying our sickness for all to see? But not Asher, he remains, he pushes on, loves fully and just sleeps a little extra hard. Would it not that we could all do the same...

On a brighter note, Corey has had a recent bout of encouragement from a doc at the Duke Neurosurgery program. He contacted a gentleman who happens to be a part of the sister church to ours there in Durham who all but performed summer saults to help this MS3 he's never met. Corey is eager to get his application to rotate there in the mail and for an opportunity to preview the program. All things said, Durham seems to be a beautiful city and a wonderful place to raise children, though it be miles away from any family and any familiarity. The one thing I know is that if God has us destined there, or anywhere, the path will clear itself, the briers of indecisiveness with wilt and we will be certain that we are in the very place we were meant all along.

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Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you