Sunday, March 9, 2008

baby update

Me and My Nebi

Several days into his illness and Asher remains unchanged. He is extremely congested, wheezy and eager for rest. We are doing thrice daily nebulizer treatments and trying to keep him full of fluids. My heart sinks to a depressing depth each time I have to put that tiny little oxygen mask over his sweet face. He looks up at me with such sweet, trusting eyes. I am at peace that God will heal him, but frustrated as I'm feeling that my prayers are going unheard or at least unanswered. I don't want to be a bratty Christian that just expects God to hand me the answers to all my prayers on a silver platter, but it hurts to cry out to Him day and night for your child and see no change. Still, I know his view of this situation is far more extensive than mine, that He does all things to mold, shape and refine us. (Rom 8:28)

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Carmen said...

So tiny and precious, Asher is blessed to have you as his mommy.