Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Asher's Photo Shoot!

Man, he's cute!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Bath tub fun! Asher has discovered the immense joy of splashing in the tub, which makes kitchen sink baths a bit more damp than usual. This is such a fun stage, watching his thoughts unfold, his mobility become more and more controlled. I want so badly to get inside his little mind and know what he's thinking, what he sees in this world. It's likely much more exciting and beautiful than the way I see things. With his increasing abilities I become more and more aware that things are going to get more difficult for mommy! With two of these racing roos around the house I'm going to have a load to handle, for sure!

Ok, so once again my lack of technological ingenuity has got the best of me. Enjoy this video with your head tilted.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Little Em

Yet another post from Washington, but we did many exciting things in 3 meager days! For Mother's Day my brother Brad, along with his sweet wife Ngoc-Diep and 2 month old baby girl, drove from Portland to Shelton, WA to visit us. It was Asher's first time to meet family from my side and my first time to meet my beautiful little niece. Below is Asher with Brad, then he, my mom and I with the babes and then a video of Asher and Emily's first meeting. Enjoy the splendor of baby bliss!

I'm so irritated that I can't get the pictures to go side by side any more!!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Zooin' It

A carefree trip to a local Washington zoo proves more than Asher expected.


I took a walk today. I do so many days, briskly stepping, one foot in front of the other, letting the rhythm of the steps keep my thoughts light and easy. Sometimes I pray. In between rapid breaths I gasp the gratitude in my heart, or the hurt, or the randomness of my spirit. I cherish days like today when I can take Asher and Will and Frankie out in the cool breeze, listening as the babies sing to each other or to me or to God from the stroller, Frank prancing along head held high. There was just something about the beauty of today that left me with a sense of wonderment. I stopped under this expansive oak and looked up into its branches as little streams of sunlight swept down to the pavement like the spirit choosing to grace each inch wide expanse. I realized how completely small I am, I remembered that I am loved. For who I am and was and will be. I want the "will be" person to have grown and stretched and ached to be a better and more useful person, but in so many ways I am at the mercy of my experiences, and, in the end, the choices I will make through them. So today I write in dedication to the frailty and strength of life, hoping each of you that reads this will take a second to look up, finding the light beaming down upon you through the dark leaves of life, and, if even for a just a fraction of a moment, be glad.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wa Wa Washington

Asher and I had our first aerial adventure this past weekend, flying on four different planes to get to Washington and back. He's quite the little acrobat when it comes to seat assignment antics, meaning he wanted to be in every seat but ours. Even attempting to climb up and over the seat in front of us via the tray table at one point. I must say that flying alone with an infant served to restore a bit more of my faith in the state of the world. I was moved by the compassion and servitude of the people on each of my flights and in the airports. At one point I dropped something and literally 4 different business men rushed at once to hand it back. When I arrived at the Seattle airport I was struggling with my luggage when a tattooed, dyed hair, emo-ish fella (my kind of people) popped up with a luggage cart he had rented for me, loaded all of my things up and refused to let me reimburse him the cost of the cart. Simple things, but it all added up to a wonderful experience. However, if you are ever in need of a rental car, be sure it's not a Chevy Cobalt. They look nice, but have just a smidge more power than a battery powered Barbie Jeep.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

High Chair Antics

Here Asher recites the Gettysburg Address.

I thought he quoted the last line with true conviction.
You'll either find this extremely entertaining or utterly boring. Just about every little coo Asher makes puts me on Cloud 9 so...make of it what you may!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Botanic Festivities

Asher spent some very welcomed time with his Aunt Liz and Uncle Joel this past weekend, leaving Uncle Joel with an itchin' for babies! But of course, who could blame him when his wife takes pictures like this:

Pay no attention to the height at which Asher wears his pants. He's got a baby Urkel. Ah, the manifest wisdom of popular 90s television. Where has the creativity of modern entertainment gone? Where are the character actors and depictions of "real life" family drama in comedic form? What ever happened to Uncle Joey, to "cut-it-out" a tune with hand motions and endearing voices? Oh, that's right, he dated Alanis Morisette and went to the stink hole like every other wholesome TV show we could ever have hoped would ever make a come back. We don't own a TV, I really don't plan to for a very long time. The TV has turned into a constant back flow of shame and vulgarity and smut, channeled right into the center of our very homes. All sit down and worship the idol centrally located in our living rooms. Media, you are winning.

Well, that said, here are some pictures of our family, all of which I feel make me look totally heinous since I only have "perfect" scrawny super models and celebrities to compare my frumpy, sleep-deprived, post-baby image to. Enjoy the beauty of Asher and his lack of self consciousness, and his oh so hunky da da.

Mmmm, all things are wonderful when chomped with budding gums...