Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wa Wa Washington

Asher and I had our first aerial adventure this past weekend, flying on four different planes to get to Washington and back. He's quite the little acrobat when it comes to seat assignment antics, meaning he wanted to be in every seat but ours. Even attempting to climb up and over the seat in front of us via the tray table at one point. I must say that flying alone with an infant served to restore a bit more of my faith in the state of the world. I was moved by the compassion and servitude of the people on each of my flights and in the airports. At one point I dropped something and literally 4 different business men rushed at once to hand it back. When I arrived at the Seattle airport I was struggling with my luggage when a tattooed, dyed hair, emo-ish fella (my kind of people) popped up with a luggage cart he had rented for me, loaded all of my things up and refused to let me reimburse him the cost of the cart. Simple things, but it all added up to a wonderful experience. However, if you are ever in need of a rental car, be sure it's not a Chevy Cobalt. They look nice, but have just a smidge more power than a battery powered Barbie Jeep.

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