Thursday, May 15, 2008


I took a walk today. I do so many days, briskly stepping, one foot in front of the other, letting the rhythm of the steps keep my thoughts light and easy. Sometimes I pray. In between rapid breaths I gasp the gratitude in my heart, or the hurt, or the randomness of my spirit. I cherish days like today when I can take Asher and Will and Frankie out in the cool breeze, listening as the babies sing to each other or to me or to God from the stroller, Frank prancing along head held high. There was just something about the beauty of today that left me with a sense of wonderment. I stopped under this expansive oak and looked up into its branches as little streams of sunlight swept down to the pavement like the spirit choosing to grace each inch wide expanse. I realized how completely small I am, I remembered that I am loved. For who I am and was and will be. I want the "will be" person to have grown and stretched and ached to be a better and more useful person, but in so many ways I am at the mercy of my experiences, and, in the end, the choices I will make through them. So today I write in dedication to the frailty and strength of life, hoping each of you that reads this will take a second to look up, finding the light beaming down upon you through the dark leaves of life, and, if even for a just a fraction of a moment, be glad.

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