Saturday, May 3, 2008

Botanic Festivities

Asher spent some very welcomed time with his Aunt Liz and Uncle Joel this past weekend, leaving Uncle Joel with an itchin' for babies! But of course, who could blame him when his wife takes pictures like this:

Pay no attention to the height at which Asher wears his pants. He's got a baby Urkel. Ah, the manifest wisdom of popular 90s television. Where has the creativity of modern entertainment gone? Where are the character actors and depictions of "real life" family drama in comedic form? What ever happened to Uncle Joey, to "cut-it-out" a tune with hand motions and endearing voices? Oh, that's right, he dated Alanis Morisette and went to the stink hole like every other wholesome TV show we could ever have hoped would ever make a come back. We don't own a TV, I really don't plan to for a very long time. The TV has turned into a constant back flow of shame and vulgarity and smut, channeled right into the center of our very homes. All sit down and worship the idol centrally located in our living rooms. Media, you are winning.

Well, that said, here are some pictures of our family, all of which I feel make me look totally heinous since I only have "perfect" scrawny super models and celebrities to compare my frumpy, sleep-deprived, post-baby image to. Enjoy the beauty of Asher and his lack of self consciousness, and his oh so hunky da da.

Mmmm, all things are wonderful when chomped with budding gums...

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