Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday I did something absurd. I went, to the zoo. Not just on any day mind you, I decided to go on half priced day....during spring break. It. Was. Ridiculous. A learning, however, in many many aspects. First, I learned that a 4mo can only stomach the stroller for a max of 2 hours before fits ensue. I learned that a 4mo could care less that we are even at the zoo. I learned that a lion roars WAY too loud for comfort. I learned that it is very, VERY important to teach your children to keep to the right when walking! I almost had a conniption in my frustration at the lackadaisical parents who seemed to find it vital to stop their stroller caravans in the absolute middle of the path, keeping all other zoo goers halted in a bumper to bumper stroller traffic jam. I learned that cotton candy can soothe a harried mother's inner anguish and help her keep her sanity. It was like manna from above that I had scheduled my first ever professional massage for just a few hours after my zoo nightmare, I'm fairly certain my shoulders were up to my earlobes, tense and exasperated by the end of the visit, whispering to my inner parts that an outing on a beautiful day is NOT supposed to make one feel as I did. In my frenzy I didn't even take a single picture (it would have been of Asher in the stroller anyway, he didn't exactly pose with the animals), so the experience will only remain etched in my mind as a day I'd rather not live again. The full ticket price on a random Tuesday would have been far far more worth it.

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I think you should write a book