Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Busy Bee

Ok, ok, so I know it's been awhile. I'm watching 2 other boys right now, so I have my hands full. A typical day starts at 630A when Asher and I wake, I feed him and change his diaper and try to get in some cuddling. 730A drop offs begin. Will is 5 1/2 months old, Liam is 7 months. Some days I have Liam for just half the day, some days it's all day. Most days I'm able to retain my sanity by keeping them all on a similar schedule, so while they are up at the same time (and my hair duely falls out in tufts) they usually give me a break by napping at the same time too. When I'm really stressed I just leave the nanny biz up to Franklin...

Just joshin' ya. Yesterday was a remarkable test of Franklin's baby endurance however, I was proud of my pup. Liam is absolutely smitten for the fuzzy beast and Frank seems to return the sentiment. Frank was snuggling up next to Liam's leg yesterday, and I happened looked over just in time to see tiny fingers in a blonde fuzzy coat and YANK, next thing I know Liam has two fistfuls of mutt dog. I was honestly waiting for the bite and an ER trip, but instead Frank just got up and with a little lick to Liam's nose, got out of range. He's going to be Asher's best buddy, I just know it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!

Hope you're saving these pictures and your postings. This will make a wonderful diary for you and Asher to gaze back on some day. I truly enjoy visiting you through these postings. I'm impressed, entertained, and thoroughly moved by your words. I miss all of you so much. By-the-way, have I told you lately how much I love you and how happy I am having you for a daughter-in-law? You are a true blessing as a wife to my son, a mother to my grandson and to us as family. Hope we get to be with pretty soon. We can't stand the distance!!!

Love, Dad

Colossians128 said...

i do apologize for any psychological damage my son may have caused to poor Franklin! He just doesn't know his own strength. He has done the same thing to my hair.

I love that picture!

motherly prosody said...

Franklin's tough, in both body and psyche, I'm sure he remains unscarred! In fact, he's now shaved as a precautionary act of justice on his behalf. We miss little Liam around here!