Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today I had an experience that made me think that perhaps I don't want another baby any time soon. As many of you know, not only am I a new mommy, but I also nanny for a super sweet little man by the name of Will McGee. Now Asher and Will make it a point to take it easy on me, they rarely cry at the same time, they discuss how to take naps simultaneously so I can have a few minutes of me time. They are, in a word, fabulous. Today, however, I had a toddler. A wonderfully sweet, well mannered little man, but bursting with energy and MOVEMENT. So, with Asher on one hip and Will close by I spent two hours keeping Mr. Motion out of trouble. I can't possibly imagine maintaining my sanity with Asher as a toddler and his yet conceived sibling pining for, well, my boob. There was one moment when I'm pretty sure I lost a few strands of rapidly thinning locks. Asher woke from his nap screaming as if to call forth the milk brigade, Will, having just finished his afternoon snack, horked it up all over my couch AND filled his underpants with sludgey green goodness, also coating my jeans in the same pale shade of processed formula... all the while my toddler man was egging on my already ADHD terrier. When Corey got home we had a little couch time and then I booked it out of the house for a much needed stint in the cardio room of the gym. Oh blessed exercise, you are my refuge, despite the persistent muffin top I still have bursting forth over my jeans.

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Carmen said...

Yet it will be oh so different with our own, challenging- but different I am sure! And why was my lap filled with, let’s just say “warmth” that day too?