Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Somewhere inside all of us is this aching for beauty, this desire to see, feel, experience, even create something gut wrenchingly beautiful. Some days I find myself searching it out in the ordinary, hoping to find a unique touch of it in the way the sun filters through the leaves on a tree or in catching some one commit an act of kindness, wanting nothing in return. Yet lately I've been choked by the beauty I get to see everyday, in Asher's soulful eyes. The way he looks at me, the gently whispered "goo" and "gee" when we're rocking together, even the full throttled yell he uses to let me know he's awake and hungry...these are every day extraordinary. I thank God daily that he has allowed me to be a part of something so perfect, and that these tiny fingers and toes and smiles and giggles are all entwined with who I am. I can't fathom anything more beautiful.

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Christina Pond said...

That was breathtakingly beautiful!