Friday, February 15, 2008

grin and bear it...

I'm new to this mommy gig. I'm new to this blog business, I suppose that's why they seem to go hand in hand at this point. As a nanny as well as a mommy I find myself relishing adult conversation, somehow these written words on the screen filled the void without the notion of trying to say all the right things when you're talking to an actual adult. Sometimes I am amazed that I'm actually considered an adult, my thought process really is pretty juvenile.

So today, sitting in a dimly lit room pushing a rocking chair with Asher nursing peacefully in my lap, I looked down to see his big blue eyes staring up at me, and then, a smile. In that one moment my heart landed somewhere outside of me. It's priceless moments like these that make all the spit up I clean out of my hair so, very, worth it.

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Carmen said...

Welcome to the blogging world. Love it!!!