Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

I've been dodging the remarks about my scarce posts and figured I should come up with ways to keep this thing going since I seem to have acquired so many loyal readers. So without further ado, my first "Not Me Monday".
Something fun from MckMama.

Since the thought has never crossed your minds about whether I ever lose my cool, because I obviously have it ALL together, then you wouldn't have even dared to think that I, upon cringing at the dog barking wildly 30 minutes before the babies were supposed to wake, would pick him up by the scruff and toss him into the front closet to answer the door, in hopes maybe he wasn't noticed by the little sleepers. No, no. Not me. I am ALWAYS gentle with my dog!

My desk is NOT covered in various books devoted to pee pee in the potty. And I DEFINITELY don't read a book to Asher everyday that states via drawing and text that on ones bottom there is "a little hole for making poo poo." Could you imagine ME reading that OUT LOUD? Nope, not me!

When Corey goes out of town for interviews I definitely don't stay up as late as the hackers because I become hypersensitive to every little creak the house makes. And I most certainly wouldn't occupy my time from 9p-2a watching YouTube. And even if I did I definitely wouldn't be watching videos of Britney Spears' live performances from her glory days. Because I am NOT secretly a huge fan. That would just be embarrassing. Not me. ...bah bah bah...just like a circus...

And to wrap it up, when I am hope alone and the doorbell rings I definitely don't A)pretend I'm not home even though the person at the door probably heard me walk to the peep hole thanks to our ancient hardwood floors, B)allow Frankie to bark loudly for an uncomfortable amount of time until the person at the door leaves OR C)go out our back door with Franklin on a leash and walk to the front "accidentally" letting Frank charge at the inquirer and then comment about how my husband is about to be home from an intense power lifting regime at the gym. I, of course, confidently answer the door and thus wouldn't be using option A approximately 3 times a week. Surely not me!

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