Thursday, January 22, 2009

illness and a new toy

Our family has been recovering from infection. Little Ash got the worst of it, but you wouldn't have known based on his behavior. He continued to be his giggly, squirmy, rambunctious little self despite constant diarrhea and one big bout of vomiting.
In the car.
On our way to church.
Seeping into car seat crevices no rag would dare to go.
So to say the least, we've been airing out the car for a few days. I may have used more Febreeze and carpet cleaner in our vehicle than most people use in a year, yet the fragrance remains. Ugh.
And now I am getting over a similar illness, though mine manifested more in fevery chills and muscle aches that feel like I was run over by a bus.
Thus the reason for the gap in posting, though I have much to share!

I some how managed to kill our laptop. It was not pre-meditated nor intentional, but I should be locked up regardless. It seems I downloaded dirty, rotten adware (though I never actually downloaded anything?!) that embedded itself into the darkest recesses of our hard drive. May our sweet 4 year old HP R.I.P.
The good news is, we are now Mac people. We just received our very own MacBook just a few days ago and are loving it thus far. I can't wait to figure out how to use iMovie too make more Asher videos!

Also, I have to confess on Asher's behalf, his sincere love affair with my sweet friend K. When we received their family Christmas photo this year, Asher took every chance he could get to pluck it off the shelf and carry it around with him. Here is a photo of him gazing longingly outside while holding the pic of his princess.

It really is way too sweet. He'll look at the picture then hug it and once he even kissed it! She is the only non-family member that he will run up to and hug. He's seriously crushin'.

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K :) said...

The feeling is mutual Asher. :)