Saturday, June 28, 2008


I'm still not sure what just happened was reality. It's 1:17AM, the house is quiet, all my boys are asleep, but I'm on top of the world. At 1046PM I received a phone call from a number I didn't recognize, but the voice leaving the message was a clear as I remembered it 4 years ago. Krystal called me, I finally found her and just can't even really form my words here to describe what that means to me. Talking to her again felt like it had hardly been any time between us, like we were still sitting in the dark on my bed whispering while all the other roommates were asleep. I have only scratched the very shallowest depth of what she has been through these past years, but already there is a peace in my soul that where she is now is a true place of healing and rest. The Lord has truly perfect timing, only He could have placed her exactly where she was so that this chance connection could take place. I hope so deeply that from this point I can be, in some small way, a renewed source of strength and restitution for her, to make up for all the times I could not be there, though I wanted to be so desperately.

So I write here to tell you my great joy, that my prodigal friend of friends has returned. I also write because there is great sadness in this journey, and to ask sincerely for your prayers and well wishes. Her mother, Sandra, has breast cancer, and it's angry and mad and wants to win but I know that with the prayers of the many saints who read this, she will be restored. Pray and she will overcome. Of that I have no doubt.

I love you Kiki, I can't wait to see you, the days won't come soon enough.

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