Saturday, June 14, 2008


It's amazing how fast this little being has developed. What was once a quiet, serene and mostly motionless lump of life has so quickly grown into a lively, energetic, loud little man with so very much vivid personality. Asher has so much to offer the world in such a little package, I learn from him everyday. Lately I've been considering my own growth, am I different than I was 7 months ago or do I sit stagnant in my day to day living? I want to thrive, to move forward, to take life on with aggressive yet peaceable action. I want to be what I am meant for, I want to be more than a conquerer. It seems at this stage in life I am being asked to stand up, to speak up, to be the voice of truth for those around me, to those around me, even to the church. It's frightening, knowing that you are being asked to be the wind of change when no one wants to fly a kite, when everyone is happy with the stillness around them. But I believe God is only alive, only active in this world when we refuse to accept all that is stolid around us, when we choose to live differently, to speak boldly and, in that, to love fully. It's a treacherous balance, but I HAVE to try. If I don't, I wonder what the world will be for this handsome little man in a funny hat.

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