Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I thought perhaps you might find it interesting to know what an average, let's say...Wednesday, is like in the Daniels' Home.

530A - Wake, nurse Asher, running clothes
550A - Run to Katie's (a friend, lives 1 mile away), 2 miles with her, run to gym
630A - Circuit weight training
700A - Shower
730A - Make smoothies for me and Ash, will arrives
800A - Breakfast with Asher and Will
830A - Shelby arrives
900A - Babies play in tupperware, I do dishes
930A - Clean-up song (I sing, babies stare), diaper changes all around
1000A- Peace in the house! Nap time for kiddos, Bible and prayer (and latte) time for me
1100A- Begin preparing for lunch time
1200P- The big show...feeding 3 toddlers lunch at once!
100P - Free play for little tykes, I shuffle to straighten up the place, check emails, etc.
145P - Diaper changes again, getting ready for Nap #2
230P - Let nap commence-this is my cleaning, laundry, phone call, keep posted on political
nonsense time (yesterday I watched Tina Fey as Palin 3 or 4 times...FUNNY...but
that's not usually how I research political party lines, don't worry).
400P - Get babies up from naps, everybody gets a snack and some juice
430P - Book time: we usually read a few stories in Asher's room
500P - Get all of Will and Shelby's things together.
515P - Nicki arrives, we chat
545P - Shelby's ride arrives, we chat
630P - Ash, Corey and I get some family time and dinner, then leave for church!

And there you have it folk, a day in the life of the Daniels' DayCare.

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