Saturday, September 13, 2008

heavy things

Life has presented so many heavy hearted thoughts and prayers these days. While our family is thriving and getting closer and closer to the end living off loans (a very worthy reason to celebrate!), so many around us are experiencing heart ache and emotional despair. I'm constantly left feeling that I am just not doing enough to comfort these wounded souls; truly all I can do is be myself and put that self aside to focus on the needs of others, praying that God teaches me to be a place of peace. Today we met with a lawyer friend to begin writing a will, I just spent the last few hours researching life insurance policies. When I did I grow up? It happens so suddenly doesn't it? The reality of my day to day living remains that I LOVE my life. I choose to wake up each day knowing that my best choice is to be grateful for everything, making the most of it, letting nothing steal my joy. We don't have a perfect life, but it is a mine and I choose to believe that it is great and worthy of my living it to the full every day. Trials will come, there will be days when there is sadness, less perfection, complaints and sorrows-but if I can some how rejoice even in those times, I feel I will leave a legacy.

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