Monday, September 22, 2008

the package

I'm uncomfortable and bothered by my son's fascination with, you know...what's "down there." I was completely unaware that his bits would become his newest bath tub toy, or that he would request to grab and pinch just as I undo a dirty, stinky diaper thus making his hands a dirty, stinky mess. I had imagined that my child would lay on the changing table calmly cooing as I put a new diaper on. RUDE AWAKENING! My kid kicks and yells and pushes my hands and does every thing he can to reach what is NOT meant to be reached!! I am just hoping that he will not move into the stage of walking around with his hands in his pants-mama is just not cool with that...

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Anonymous said...

Welcome...welcome to the club of those who said "my kid'll never do that!!" hahahaha. seriously, though, zipper jammies are the way to go. they have been an answer to my prayers : )