Thursday, August 7, 2008


That's right, I'm not too modest to say...I AM super-nanny. And I'll tell you why. This morning I took 3 boys, ages 9-11 months, to the park. Oh, but not with a car, with a double stroller and a baby backpack. Half a mile there, half a mile back, and when we returned home, I got them all to sleep at the same time. The good Lord was on my side today, and everyday for that matter. I just really appreciated the extra dose of peaceful baby 'tudes today.

Asher (9mo)-Will (9.5mo)-Liam(11mo)
Having some out door blanket time under a marvelous tree.
Sorry parents, there was some grass ingested.

Asher and me-snugglin' in the baby pack.

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