Friday, August 1, 2008

inside out

(Asher and I in our jams)

There is this beautiful, mysterious aspect to the love you have as a mother. This tiny life turns your relatively peaceful world into a loud, stinky, utterly tumultuous war zone. Food, clothes and often bodily fluids fly about at will-your shirt is never clean. Yesterday I went to bed and realized that I had managed to wear my underwear inside out all day. It was 2pm before I had brushed my teeth though Asher had already had breakfast, a nap, play time and lunch. I, on the other hand, was wearing backward underwear and had only scarfed a cup of yogurt through dirty teeth-your life is no longer dedicated to your own as a mother-and it's glorious. Every little smile and giggle and tight tiny baby squeeze makes me realize that I just don't care if I'm not as glamorous or stylish or hip as I was 9 months ago-though I do really really want to be one of those "hot moms." What I really want is to care for my child and my husband and to foster a closeness between all of us and our Maker, a respect for others and for our world. I'm starting to realize that I don't have to be a picture perfect housekeeper or act as Corey's personal chef to do that. I need to be happy and in love with life, no matter the circumstance, and then I can give to the full.

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Christina Pond said...

Girl I am rolling around laughing. I feel you 100% I actually wore my underwear on backwards a few weeks ago!!! hehe! I am with you, though, it is glorious. And you are a Hot Momma. Totally boss and totally HOT!