Friday, August 1, 2008

birds and bones

Here is a bit more from our Illinois adventures...

Here we are posing outside of Dixon Mounds, an Indian burial mound. A bit spooky.
Asher was all for posing with the ladies, but he wanted a shot by himself to prove he is tough stuff.

Here are Asher and I just outside Hummingbird Haven. A couple living between corn fields decided to turn their home into a Hummingbird oasis by outfitting it with a boo-coo of those feeder thingies. It was smokin' hot out.

Asher and his grannie trying to fight off the paparazzi.

A close-up of Ash's baby mohawk.

I'm looking forward to our next big adventure, it may not end up being until Corey start interviewing for residency in the fall, but we shall see. Please pray for future destination-that it be a great program for Corey, a great city for Asher and I, and that there be friends waiting to be made wherever we go. I'm not handling the fact of moving soon very well. In fact I'm avoiding feeling anything about it all together, which I know will spell disaster as the day approaches. I'm scared to leave my friends.

Speaking of friends...
You are well loved by me and my family!

2 things you had to say:

Anonymous said...

I am so very, very lovable! haha


Christina Pond said...

That mohawk is the coolest, cutest I have ever seen!