Monday, April 14, 2008


Okay, so here's a blog worthy story...

A few days ago I was sitting tranquilly in Asher's room, just enjoying the peace of him in my arms in the rocking chair. Then a buzz. Again. "Where is that coming from?" Buzz. Buzzzzzz. Then out of the abyss of curtains and mini-blinds comes a WASP! Flying right at us!!! The primal instinct to protect my young came out by my wildly beating my left arm in the air to keep the flying vermin at safe distance all the while inching backward out of the room. I slammed the door and placed Asher (still sleeping by the way) gingerly down in the pack'n'play in our room and headed back to defeat the evil invader. Slowly creeking the door open, I spotted it on the light fixture. I dashed into the kitchen to get our multi-colored straw good luck broom (sorry Dad!) and took to beating the living day lights out the thing until it fell. Unfortunately it fell behind the changing table. I proceeded to try scooping it up with the broom, but like Christ it rose again!!! The resurrection of the living wasp! So another frantic swatting and batting session sent it sailing into the carpet where, with the help of Dr. Seuss, I duly smashed it into oblivion.
The end.
And no, for those of you having a panic attack wondering if we have a wasp nest outside, we do not. I checked. Twice. Its appearance in our home was a direct attack from Lucifer himself.

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Anonymous said...

"like Christ it rose again" hahaha...what a great story. Suspense, laughter, a plot twist, and a good ending...everything needed for a great story!