Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Next Leg

So, our trip to Peoria turned out to be very fruitful! We saw 22 houses in a day and a half and finally found just what we were looking for! After seeing 19 homes, neither Corey nor I felt convinced that God was leading us to any particular one, we had prayed diligently for clarity. Before starting day two of our house hunt Corey spent some time in silence trying to listen to what the Lord might be telling him about which home to choose. The answer kept coming back as "Wait." The problem was, at that point we didn't have any houses left to look at! Not sure what we were waiting for, we made the 40 minute drive from Havana to Peoria, hopeful that clarity was to be found. Our realtor also had the same uncertainty about the homes we had viewed, but graciously scheduled a second look for one we thought might be the one. With our very handy and knowledgable uncle in tow, we scoped out our choice. He was none too thrilled.

We decided, in faith, to wait.

Then the realtor tells us that one of her co-workers was selling her home, in our price range, near Corey's hospital and that she wanted us to take a look. She found out about it's recent place on the market (6 days!) from another realtor in their copy room! So...we checked it out and loved it! Even our uncle in all his detailed inspection couldn't find anything alarmingly wrong with this house despite it's less than youthful date of origin. Without further ado, here is a small preview of our new home on E. Frances Ave.!

We close on the house June 3rd and will get settled in to make Peoria our new home! More pics to come as we travel the great midwest!

Alright folks, this blogging business is getting really difficult! For the next month we will be staying in 4 different houses, doing various things, in and out, over and under, and the computer is just going to have to wait. I want everyone to be able to keep up with our goings on, so I'm going to be posting to Twitter so that those of you interested in knowing when we land in Illinois, updates on the new baby coming in October and thus can follow us there. You can choose to get texts sent to your phone or to log in and view my page just as you would the blog. To follow us directly go here.

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Kendi said...

Looks like a wonderful home! I'm so glad you found one! It's so frustrating searching for houses and I'm not looking forward to it again next year.