Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Nicki has a fantastic camera that I COVET! I LOVE her camera, these are a few of the shots she's taken recently of Ash and Will. Above-Ash's real smile vs. what he does when we tell him to smile. His little personality is really emerging and he is SIL-LY!

Tub time fun with Will.

Pillow fightin'

Ok so it's been a LONG while. We found out on March 19th that Corey matched to his first choice for residency in Peoria, IL!! We're incredibly excited to start this journey but also melancholy about leaving our friends here. It's hard to believe 4 year has come and gone and that the incredible men and women who have loved us and taught us so much about ourselves, our marriage, our faith, will have to be left to long distance. I try not to dwell on it.

Living in Weatherford with the McGees has been lots of fun, but has also made the reality of separating Will and Asher all the more glaring. They really enjoy one another and will surely feel the void when we leave. They have been sharing a room and sleep really well together for both naps and night time, I think they actually sleep better together than they did apart!!! Nicki and Matt have been so kind and hospitable, this blessing they have bestowed on us means a great deal, I know that God will bless them in great measure for all they are doing for our family without any expectations of getting rewarded in return. Though I think I'm getting a little spoiled by living in such a nice house!!

So now we've started the daunting task of house hunting for the first time. There are some incredibly cute homes at affordable prices in Peoria, so I'm faithful that we'll find a gem there. I can't believe we're going to be home owners!!! I'll try to post pic of the final options when we get narrowed down. We'll be traveling on April 15th to see a few options and hopefully lock in something! Exciting and scary all at once!!!!

More to come...

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Donna Ryan said...

Congratulations on baby #2! I had no idea. You'll enjoy IL. Give it time. I have to say, you moved there from one of the most un-natural places to give birth, so it can't be any worse than it was here. How are the midwifery laws, etc.? Birthing centers?