Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the origin of good tidings

Wikipedia makes a statement about Christmas that just couldn't be more true, however disappointing...

"Because gift-giving and several other aspects of the holiday involve heightened economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, Christmas has become a major event for many retailers."

I want Christmas to mean more to my family than this, but I know we have to lead by example for that to ever happen. Corey and I have to be aware of the needs around us, we must pray often for the determination to see others as more important than ourselves. We were talking the other day about holiday traditions, how fun it is to have special things to look forward to every year that only our family does. I know now that I want at least one of those traditions to involve doing something special for the poor, on Christmas, I want THAT day to be special because we live like Jesus first and get gifts last. But more than that, my hope is that we live this way always, not just during the holidays. It is my deepest desire that Asher grow up to be a kind, generous, self less soul, that he loves fiercely and serves passionately-but I've gotta do it first. Living life is like traveling a great stairway. Sometimes we walk upwards, working hard, using our strength just to transition, to reach the next chance to grow and change. Sometimes we walk down, it's easier, we're lighter on our feet, but we have to watch to be sure we don't stumble, we can't walk the easy way blindly or we're sure to mis-step. As Asher learns these lessons, I hope I can be there to make the trip easier, to lend him strength, and I hope many others will teach him along the way as well.

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