Saturday, December 6, 2008


Testing out his cold weather coat before the big trip.

Exploring the snow!

Asher and Daddy, my handsome boys at the hotel.

Asher and I decided to accompany Corey on his interview with the Penn State program in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I had never seen the north east before and wanted a little taste before we make any decisions on where our home might be for the next 5 years. Being that the program is in Hershey, I think I set myself up for disappointment. I had imagined that the town would perpetually smell of fresh chocolate, that every house would be pristine in their lawn care, with white picket fences and friendly mail men. You know, reminiscent of Leave It To Beaver or something. Instead we arrived to a grey city where the hotel smelled like a fake chocolate air freshener and the only cab in the city costs $10 to go less than 2 miles.
I was not enchanted.
Corey, however, was pleased with the program and promised that there is more to Hershey than over-rated "Hershey World."

One of the attractions at Hershey world. Yes, singing cow heads, really.

I know that we would make any place our home and enjoy it and do our best to thrive there. I just wasn't particularly floored about the "sweetest place on Earth."

But this Christmas tree was AWESOME.

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Claire said...

Am I seeing this correctly?? Are there valves below the singing cow heads as though they're pumping milk mid-song to make the chocolate??

motherly prosody said...

Your eyes did not deceive you.
Singing, milk relinquishing, animatronics.