Friday, February 20, 2009


Well folks, things have been busy around here. With Match Day fast approaching we are trying to make decisions about how to "make it" until Corey gets that first glorious paycheck. In doing our budgeting we discovered that we only had enough moolah to support us until May at our current standard of living, but really it needs to last until JULY! So, we embarked on an adventure in prayer and faithfulness, asking God to provide us a new place to live for free where I could still watch sweet little Will. We had several options, but took two days to pray and be still, listening for God to speak some form of wisdom to us regarding what the next phase in life should be. All we kept hearing that day was "wait." We had a couple that we wanted to approach, but for some reason God kept whispering...."wait." And then, at 930 that evening, I get a call from Will's mom, telling me that her husband suggested that we move in with them!!! After a good talk last night to ensure we were on the same page, it looks like we'll be selling all of our stuff and settling down in Weatherford for a few months. It just goes to show, you never know who God as an answer to prayer.

Also, here are a couple of pics from Asher's first deliberate art experience. It's a very good thing that crayons are non-toxic as I think he ate as much as he colored.


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